Episode 13: Biggest Reason to Save Our Seas

For all the years I’ve been going to Albay and Sorsogon, I’d never gone to Donsol and actually went whale shark watching. Until this past May.

If you’ve never seen one, all I can tell you is that words can do it no justice. So, here’s the next best thing:

Honestly, even the photos do this no justice. I recall the first time our guide managed to get us in a good position, the butanding was several meters below me – and I honestly believed it was headed straight for me. It was that massive.

Another view of the whale shark

Unfortunately, my son Liam could not yet swim, and so did not get a good look at the butanding from the boat. Children like him, members of the next generation of Filipinos, deserve to witness the marvels of nature as we have.

Save our seas.


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