Interlude: Goals for 2014

If you’re looking for some dry-humored political commentary to start your year, please feel free to give my 2013 POC year-ender a go. Otherwise, this will probably bore the bejeezuz out of you, so here are a few other links that may be of some interest:

– Updates on the live-action Ruroinu Kenshin sequel, as well as a gratuitous fanservice pic >

– What Does The Fox Say? An Adventure Time version >

– George Takei’s Twitter timeline, which is public and full of amazing >

~ ~ ~

So, if you’re still reading, then I guess you must be *that* interested in what I have planned for 2014. Alrighty then, let’s do this.

1. Goal: Lose 5 pounds a month for 10 months

As some of you may know, I have a rather persistent case of gout in my ankles and knees, and lately I suspect it has spread to other joints. While losing weight won’t necessarily cure this (though I’m told it helps), it *will* reduce some of the strain on my legs, which will in turn allow me to do other things I used to do, like running and footwork exercises.

Battle plan generally includes slight modification to meals – no actual diet change or restrictions, apart from what I already have due to gout, but I’ll be replacing dinner with a juice session every day, with only Sunday evening off.

Already have an exercise machine at home (stationary bike – minimal impact, can be used for both low and high intensity workouts), just need to pick up a weighing scale to establish my baseline starting weight and to track progress.

2.  Goal: Write weekly articles for POC

Now that I’m in a better groove for this semester, I can finally commit to writing for the Philippine Online Chronicles weekly.

3. Goal: Write weekly articles for this blog

Been promising this to myself since forever (and for past blogs), and failing mostly due to my current “no meandering blog entries” rule (which I violate anyway by writing “Interludes” like this). Will probably up the Interlude volume, or write companion articles to the ones I write for POC when character space limits require me to do so.

4. Goal: Get a haircut.

Already done.

5. Goal: Acquire a new laptop by October.

More out of necessity than out of mere want, as my current laptop is slowing to a crawl. The “want” part is that I’m aiming for something like this.

6. Goal: Take a family trip for summer.

Something we were unable to do last year for a variety of reasons. Preferably close to the sea.

~ ~ ~

So far, that’s what I’ve got. By no means is this a final list – after all, I can edit it whenever I want – so as I create more goals for myself throughout 2014, I’ll update this entry. Same goes for any goals listed that I’ve already met (like my old-new zero-cut look).

Main reason for doing this this year: for the past few years I haven’t really set any goals for myself, other than “Don’t get kicked out of law school.” Not exactly the most inspiring of goals. So this year, I’m setting goals for myself so I can focus my efforts a bit more, and give those efforts some purpose.

What about you? Set any goals for yourself lately?


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