Episode 28: Almost A Rage Post

For those of you who follow me on Twitter (and if you don’t, you can do so at http://www.twitter.com/raggster <yes, that was a shameless plug, get over it>), you know that I generally follow only one cardinal rule: never post while angry. Because angry people say the Dumbest. Shit. Ever. and usually say things they regret forever. I didn’t always follow this rule – yes, once upon a time I was young and naive and full of crap (just that today, I’m older, more cynical, and my crap has aged like fine wine) – so this rule took quite some time to develop. In a nutshell, when I’m angry, I tend to make very long, very nasty, very harsh posts directed at whomever I’m talking to.

So strictly speaking, the post I’m about to share, which first appeared on my Facebook wall, is not a “rage post,” since it was not directed at the person I was talking to. And yes, this is my official cop-out excuse. Because in hindsight, I wasn’t really “angry” to the point where I was no longer seeing my screen clearly. I just had a view on the matter that’s been screaming to get out, but that I couldn’t write for one reason or another.

Anyway the actual timeline post was this:

<Jego> Today has been such a Derp Moment Tuesday. From rallyists rallying against the wrong law, to hoaxes about Indian prophecies and about stalker-run apps, to political figures and parties being overtly and blatantly hypocritical, to collegiate and post-collegiate students running for student government yet acting like grade school children. All on the 28th commemoration of the EDSA Revolution.

As a friend, who shall remain safely anonymous, puts it, ‘We celebrate our freedom from dictators by being extra stupid and gullible and immature.’

Been headdesking all afternoon. Someone get me some antibacterial ointment, I might get a staph infection.

That wasn’t the rage post. That was just me being my usual cynical-ass self.

What set me off was this post from a good friend, whom I shall not name here to protect his identity (and his sanity)

I know you’re against the Anti-Cybercrime Law but, what wrong law were the rallyists rallying against?

In a yet-to-be uploaded article (I’ll edit this once the article is up, my apologies), I talked about my misgivings about the recent continued characterization of the Anti-Cybercrime Law as “Cyber Martial Law,” despite the striking down of key provisions in the law removing the blanket power of the Executive over Internet content. However, what I posted next I was only able to hint at by way of linking to articles detailing the oral arguments on Cybercrime.

Anyway, here’s the almost-rage post, in all its unedited glory:

<Jego> Libel is in the RPC and in jurisprudence. Online libel is defined by jurisprudence, based on the RPC and on prevailing case doctrines. Even if we repeal Cybercrime tomorrow, online libel will still be here. That stunt they pulled off earlier today? Accomplished nothing. So far barely got media attention. Maybe it’ll make news tomorrow, maybe it’ll be run by more than one paper. Then what? Nothing. They propose nothing concrete, give no actual solutions. The *least* they could do is endorse the Magna Carta for Philippine Internet Freedom, but they won’t, because it’s not theirs. That’s how they’ve always worked. 

Hell, that’s how they work, even when “theirs” falls flat on his face. Neri Colmenares had ONE JOB, and he blew it, massively, in front of the very justices he was supposed to convince. And now his PL buddies are hitting this administration for the SC decision? That is such blatant, Grade-A, 100% satisfaction guaranteed bullshit. If they’re angry at PNoy for defending the existence of libel law and at the SC for upholding portions of the law, then they should be equally angry, if not more so, at Colmenares for botching the one thing he was tasked to do. Yet you’ll find Colmenares, making press statements like a whiny 4-year old, claiming his rights are being trampled by this “oppressive BS Aquino regime.” The only thing “BS” around here is them, and their pretentious, sanctimonious, pathetic attempts to come off as being heroic and nationalistic. 

So, no. They are barking up the wrong tree. They are barking the wrong bark. In fact, they’re the wrong dog to do the barking.

Yeah. Something tells me the Fascist Left are now going to like me even less.

(As an aside: I know full well what Fascism and Communism are, and that in the spectrum of political ideologies they are polar opposites. That’s exactly the point I want to make by calling these militants “Fascist Left.” Their political position is a hot mess of paradoxes and contradictions. <Hello, Marcos team-up? Arroyo alliance? Yeah, I went there. Because you FLs make it so easy.> So in case you want to make an issue out of it, there you go. Enjoy.

Also, I don’t take credit for inventing the term. I got this one from Jeff Crisostomo, whom you can also follow at https://twitter.com/jeffcrisostomo.)

So, there. My moment of non-rage, preserved here on my blog for posterity and for the enjoyment of future generations yet unborn.

I hope it entertained you.

I know it’ll entertain me for a long, long time.


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