Episode 34: Act Like Adults

Happy New Year to all! I missed writing on this blog. (In fact I missed it so much I forgot my password and had to go through account recovery.)

2015 was… meh. Between the bar review and the bar exam itself, those generally overshadowed everything else that happened last year, personal or otherwise. But with that experience behind me, I look forward to a more positive 2016.

Except that some pro-Duterte fellow tried (and failed) to be an asshole on the very last day of the year. He even claimed he was just testing how much of an asshole I could be, because I have this image pinned to my Twitter profile:

Twitter warning label. Because some people can understand memes better than plain English or Filipino.

Twitter warning label. Because some people can understand memes better than plain English or Filipino.

I’ll leave it up to you to follow the hilarity that ensued.

In the end, the fellow posted screencaps of someone else’s (?) post. As if a link couldn’t have done the same thing more efficiently, but lately I’ve found this to be par for the run-of-the-mill Duterte supporters. But anyway, I did him one better and transcribed the post for your benefit, dear reader.

Fair warning: I didn’t take the liberty of editing for grammar, punctuation, or form. Post-reading brain bleach may be required.

Why do you keep analyzing what the people want? San ka BA nakatira at parang walang nakikita yang mga mata mo sa kinalalagyan mo. Why can’t you ust accept NA gusto na talaga ng mga tao ng pagbabago. AND there you go by saying that what we Dutertans are doing is childish, thugs. It really pisses me off knowing we have Filipinos like you who can speak flowers on their mouth, that instead of educating the lesser informed, e binabatikos pa yung mga naglalakas ng loob na kahit man lang papano AY makatulong sa pagbibigay ng pagbabago sa sistema ng bansa. Perhaps you’ve already forgotten about the real problems in our governtment, like PDAF, (these are our taxes beign stolen in our faces so Politicians can build their mansions and live like kings), Traffic, Kawalan ng Disiplina, Graft and Corruption, PEace and order, and many more. All of these is because we don’t have a leader who can control, manage and discipline the government sysystem that is under him. Kabikabila ang nakawan sa gobyerno kasi NGA walang takot. You will say dapat bawat pilipino magbago para UMUNLAD.Sorry but thats impossible. 120 million magbabago??? In your dreams, paninisi lang yan ng nakaupo ngayon kasi di nila kaya. Dapat magbago ang sisema ng gobyerno, Dapat magkaron ng sistema ng gobyerno, Dapat magkaron ng respeto at takot ang pinoy sa gobyernong may integridad. Bakit sa tingin mo pag nagabroad ang pinoy paglabas pa lang sa airport masunurin na sa batas, Disiplinado, masipag, hindi na balahura.kasi NGA takot. E pag bumalik ng ng Pilipinas, di pa nakakalanding ang eroplano, Di na marunong sumunod sa seatbelt policy ng eroplano, galit pa pag sinuway. Tatayo na habang palanding pa lang. Kasi NGA wala ng kinikilalang batas. I hope you get what I’m saying. We Dutertans are not thugs, are not childish, were ust pissed off.we insist what we want, dahil sa takbo ng democrasya ngayon, iila lang ang kumokontrol. And we feel irritated knowing NA my mga kadugo kami like mga artista at mga writers na nababayaran para lang linlangin ang iba naing mga kapatid. We are all one. One countey one race. We are almost there, and we will keep on going. Change is at hand, wag lang madaya o mapatay si digong, kasi sayang, sayang naman talaga. I hope you understand what we feel and what we want. We Dutertans, dutertards, or kahit ano pa ang itawag NYO sa amin AY pilipino din kadugo NYO kapatid nyo, at gusto lang namin ng maging maayos na ang bansa, para sa ating lahat ito hindi lang sa aming mga dutertards, may tiwala kami Kay digong. At ipipilit namin syang maupo on a democratic way. Pag nabasa mo ito kapatid, please remember until you become old na ikaw sumusulat ng article mo ng may hayad para idiscredit ang effort at ways naming mga dutertards NA humanap ng Paraan para magbago ang bansa, samantalang ang mga dinidiscredit mo na tulad ko AY naguubos ng oras at effort ng libre para sa ikagaganda ng buhay mo. Vote Wisely kapatid, hindi lang future natin ang nakataya, pati future ng mga anak natin nasa mesa din.

What she said.

What she said.

To be fair, I believe this post was written in response to another unreferenced post (I vaguely recall a Facebook post talking about change needing to start from the individual, but I can no longer find it, any leads would be nice), but now it’s a new weapon of choice, the “Answer this or shut up” strategy of shutting down criticism.

So answer it I shall.

First of all, not everyone who is against a particular candidate is paid to be that way. Believe it or not, some of us really just don’t think Duterte will make a good president – and we think so for free.

Second, there is no monopoly of good intentions. My disagreement with your choice of candidate does not necessarily make me love my country less.

Third, you have a gross misunderstanding of what a President’s duties are under a democratic republic. Certainly, it is not to “control, manage and discipline the government sysystem (sic) that is under him,” especially considering the separation of powers present in our system of government. The type of government you’re thinking of is an authoritarian regime. You’re thinking of the wrong country. Back here, in the Philippines, our President is tasked to “preserve and defend its Constitution, execute its laws, do justice to every man, and consecrate {himself/herself} to the service of the Nation.” Feel free to supply incompatibilities with Duterte here.

Fourth, asserting that people cannot change defeats the argument that people should be disciplined and have fear of a government with integrity for us to solve our country’s problems. Eh you just said people won’t change. So if they are undisciplined, if they don’t fear government, then how will the magically develop discipline and fear? Unless you argue that government will do that for them – which, again, is an authoritarian regime, not a democratic republic.

It makes me wonder if Duterte supporters want to go migrate to North Korea.

Fifth, it is hilarious that you folks want our society to change, but in doing so you yourselves refuse to show discipline and restraint in dealing with people. The cussing I obviously don’t mind, but you make empty threats of bodily harm and call people names, and then get offended when you’re referred to as “thugs” or as being”childish?”

Instead of engaging in trolling and harassing tactics, why not focus on Duterte’s platform – whatever it is, as people don’t seem to know/understand what Duterte’s platform is to begin with. Why not focus on Duterte’s accomplishments in Davao City, where it took him a total of 22 years as Mayor to get Davao to where it purportedly is today. Why not thresh out the details of the Federal form of government Duterte is pushing – and while you’re at it, explain how he’s going to revise the Constitution when we can’t even get Congress to push arguably needed amendments on the economics provisions of the Constitution.

Instead of acting like children, why not try acting like adults?

A final word: Lulz on saying Duterte will win unless he is killed or cheated. Front-runners Grace Poe-Llamanzares and Jejomar Binay are saying wuzzup to the current survey 4th-placer.


4 responses to “Episode 34: Act Like Adults

  1. Oiiiii! Gago, musta ka na, asshole ka pa rin ba? Magbago ka na 2016 na e, wag puro hate. I was on hibernating mode the past few days. Because like you I also need some holidays for myself which I deserve. anyway lets get down to that dirty little business of ours, politics at its worst. Luckily I\rquote ve read your blog, and to tell you honestly, I cannot find anything worth reading from your reply. For the most of your replies I cannot find a thing which will help our beloved country rise up from the moral crisis it is suffering. But you have a point when you lectured me about what a president is. You see, I\rquote ve been to 84 countries already, rich ones and poor ones, tiny ones and those large ones, I have seen their way of living their system of government, their laws, and everytime, I can\rquote t help but compare our beloved tiny archipelago and everytime I can see our problems na nagsusulputang parang mga kabute sa isipan ko. You defined to me what a president is, almost all countries have their president too. May it be yung mga magagandang bansa or yung mga dugyot, pero hindi ibig sabihin nito ay uunlad na sila dahil may presidente sila. Honestly I have to admit I learned something from you. With the description you have about what a president is, I guess im really not looking to digong as a president, I really am looking to him as a leader and a great one. For we can always have a president every 6 years or so, but to have a great leader to lead our country, para na tayong tumama sa lotto, sa dami ko ng napagdaaanang eleksyon ngayon lang ako nangampanya para sa kandidato. And I am not rooting for him because of his platforms, every candidate have their own platforms, and every one of them can tell all of us they will bring sunshine and rainbows to our lives, all of them will tell us they will solve all of our country\rquote s problems maging presidente lang sila. To hell with their platforms. They can even say na magpapasagasa sila sa tren kung di nila matutupad ang pangako nila. So let me tell you something you already know, all of these platforms are just promises, who the hell knows what the future holds. And for this, we dutertans are rooting for duterte not because of his platforms, but because of the one thing he has but lacks on the other candidates – his character as a leader, because that is one thing he cannot promise but will always be there, and have always been there at yun ang aasahan namin sa kanya. Even before he laid out his platforms, yung mga sawa na sa gobyerno natin have been clamoring for him. Who would you rather have to be as your leader? Someone who will say he would rather go to hell so his countrymen can live in paradise or someone who will say bahala na kayo sa buhay nyo kahit nagkakandamatay matay na ang mga nasasakupan nya. Think Jego, this is our time, time will come ikaw at ako mamamaalam din sa mundong ito, but would it be nice na at our deathbed we know na kahit man lang sa iisa nating boto we know we have made the right choice not for ourselves but for the ones we will leave behind. Sa tutuo lang, our country is blessed with so many natural resources, manpower, name it we all have it. Pero bakit gapang tayo, ang bansa natin dugyot, magulo, ano ang problema, ang gobyerno natin, ang namamahala, ang Sistema. at dahil dito kanya kanyang tigas ng ulo ang bawat Pilipino. Mayaman o mahirap man walang pinagkaiba, binabaliwala lang ang batas sa atin. Kailangan natin si Digong, or should I say isang Lee Kwan Yew. We need change, and we need it now. It is our time to be the so called pag-asa ng bayan, not like the ones before us na naging pa-asa lang ng bayan. I hope you can see my point on my perspective, kasi it really is as clear as a cloudless sky. Im sharing this to you dahil alam ko pag natalo ako ay talo ka rin, at ang panalo ko ay panalo mo rin. Our mother land is a beautiful place, she deserves more, our countrymen deserve more, you and I derserve more and lastly, our children, they deserve more.

    • Everyone, please give a warm welcome to @angelocenonque1, he’s the one who posted the message I transcribed. Apparently he is also claiming authorship of the same note, and his reply to this post is up above.

      He posted this reply twice because, as he claims, WordPress refused to publish his comment. Of course, people who are familiar with comments sections will know what “awaiting moderation” means, so I guess that just means Mr. Alejandro (assuming that’s his real name; NB he lied about his Twitter DP and claimed that that was him, yet look up the name “Sergio Marone”) doesn’t know what that means.

      But apparently that is par for the course for things Mr. Alejandro doesn’t understand. 😉

      I would go more in-depth into how Duterte is the drop-dead (yup it’s a pun) most horrible candidate among the current field – I swear, Serenes is far better than Duterte, only that Seneres doesn’t have a cult following (emphasis on “cult”) – but that’s another article for another platform. I’ll leave it at this: if you think your children will be safe in an environment where no one is safe, then either you are delusional, or you really hate your children.

      Anyway, beyond the heartstrings motherhood pa-patriot statements, there’s nothing really worth sifting through in this reply. Nothing here is convincing me that Duterte is the best option we have. All I can see here is that Mr. Alejandro says Duterte is the best option – and given Mr. Alejandro’s track record for making true claims, I’m not about to take anything he says seriously.

      In any case, I’m sure he’s going to try to make some sort of non-reply again. Stay tuned!

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