Episode 41: Enemy of the State

(A shorter version of this appears on my Facebook page.)

DoJ Secretary Aguirre and PAO Chief Acosta attend the launching of a group called the “Citizens National Guard,” which supposedly “aims to protect administration [sic] from ‘enemies of the state.'”

Who are the enemies of the state? Behold:


I’ll give you a minute to let it sink in.

. . .

My takeaways from this list:

  1. LOL at the fact that this admin needs to organize citizens to protect itself from “enemies of the state,” when this admin has the PNP, NBI, and AFP at its full disposal.
  2. LOL at how the “yellowtards” are raised to the level of the NPA, ISIS, and drug cartels. Seems this admin believes free speech is as dangerous as terrorism, rebellion, and organized crime.
  3. LOL at how “enemies of the state” are supposed to be able to stage coup d’etats (by definition it’s the military that does that) or assassination. How are the “yellowtards” supposed to assassinate Duterte? By annoying him to death with blog posts and hashtags?
  4. LOL at the fact that their list of “enemies of the state” is so ridiculously narrowly tailored. What about foreign intelligence agencies generating *local* support for regime change? What about non-ISIS inspired terrorism? What about seditious political opposition that likewise despise the so-called “yellowtards?” What about the NDF, who they conveniently leave out of the CPP-NPA formula?

Those points of hilarity aside, the launch of this self-styled “Citizen’s National Guard” (“CNG” for short) raises significant questions. What does their “defense” of the Duterte administration entail? How and on what level of civil participation will they operate? Who are the personalities behind this? Does the presence of the Secretary of Justice and the Chief of the Public Attorney’s Office signify official sanction of the CNG? And if the CNG is officially sanctioned, will it take responsibility for the actions of the CNG that are performed in “defense of the administration?”

All of this ignores the most crucial bit of information that the CNG, DoJ Secretary Aguirre, and PAO Chief Acosta seem to have missed. Someone should let these people in on the open secret: the biggest enemy of the state…

…is Duterte himself.



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