Interlude: Catching Up, And A Confession Of Sorts

blank screen of doom

No, this isn’t my laptop, it’s a stock photo; see P.S. below













This blog entry marks the first time I’ve written anything substantial in over a year. (in over 372 days, to be precise.) And no, it wasn’t out of fear of retaliation or anything for having supported Roxas and Robredo during the elections – if you follow me on Twitter you’d know I find that line of argumentation silly, especially since Roxas is now a private citizen and Robredo continues to be one of the few competent and credible government officials today.

No, there’s a much simpler reason. I just lost the will to write.

Or at least, I lost the will to write the way I usually do – with a lot of research and references, with carefully nuanced arguments and positions, with a call to action.

What for? What would the point be?

In today’s internet landscape where fake news is gobbled up by the public like candy-coated crack, there really isn’t much of an incentive to be factual, to be accurate, to be discerning. Especially for guys like me who don’t do this for a living.

But then, a few things have changed.

First is the emergence of the Pinoy Ako! Blog (who you all can should read over here), and its simple and straightforward style. It’s heartening to know that, in the wake of the *ahem* shortcomings of this administration, people can support dissent.

Second, and perhaps in contrast to PAB, is the emerging trend of administration fake-news distributors and sycophants being handed out government positions like free candy to overweight children. I believe that no one should profit from defrauding the public of accurate information.

So, what’s a guy to do?

Go back to writing, that’s what.

Welcome back to the Straight Edge Advocate.

P.S. The featured image is a stock photo, it’s symbolism, common sense naman pls. 😉


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